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Index Lists

The World Biographical Information System Online allows you to search and browse through index lists before performing a biographical or bibliographic search to verify if a search term is available in the database. The search terms can be easily pasted into the search form from the index.

Next to the entry boxes of the search field you will find an Index link. Selecting one of the index links will retrieve the index list that corresponds to that specific search category.

For searching through an index list you enter the search term into the entry field and click Search. The database will return all entries from this index list, which contain the search term.

In contrast to this is the Go To-Function, by which you can access a specific part of the index list. Enter your search term into the entry box. After clicking on Go To you will be shown the part of the index list which starts with your search term or to the term which is closest to your search term if this term is not available. You can also enter the first few letters of a word to get to the appropriate page in the index. The Go To-Function will not find all relevant entries to the entered term, but will find all phrases that start with the entered term.

Use the arrows shown at the top to browse through the different pages of the index list.

The selection of an index term is carried out by checking the box on the left side of the term. The index term is then added to the list of selected entries on the right hand side of the screen. When you have finished the selection of entries you can paste them into the search form by clicking Submit Selections. If you have selected more than one term, the operator OR will automatically be used to combine the terms.

Clicking the red cross in front of a selected index entry deletes this entry from your list of selected entries. You may delete the whole list of selected entries by clicking the link Clear selections.

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