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The World Biographical Information System (WBIS Online) is the most comprehensive biographical database available. It is based on the digitization of K.G. Saur's microfiche editions of Biographical Archives. Each Biographical Archive covers a different language and cultural area. For the individual archives the original texts of biographical articles from various reference works were taken and facsimile reproductions made. In WBIS Online these articles are presented as exact copies of the original articles. WBIS Online offers worldwide biographical information on persons covered in reference sources published from the 16th century to the end of the 20th century. From alchemists to zoologists: the strength of the Biographical Archives lies in the variety of the biographies covered. Men and women from all centuries, all areas of society and professions are included, from science, politics, culture and business. Besides painters, jurists, physicians and sailors, it also encompasses journalists, clerics, aristocrats and writers, to mention but a few. It thus portrays the population as they were in real life, with all their achievements and attainments, along with their curiosities and peculiarities.

With the World Biographical Index (WBI) as the entry point to the product, WBIS Online provides,

Currently 30 Biographical Archives are available in digitized form in WBIS Online:

Access to digitized biographical articles is subscription based. Please go to your account and select Subscriptions to see which Biographical Archives are available to you.

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