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E-mail Documents

The World Biographical Information System Online allows you to e-mail biographical and bibliographic records as well as lists of marked documents to yourself or others. You will not be able to e-mail digitized biographical articles.

To e-mail a document select the E-mail link located in the functionalities bar when viewing an entry. Please enter the following information into the displayed form:

  1. Sender's E-mail: Enter your own e-mail address.
  2. Mail to: Enter the e-mail address to which the document should be send. Separate multiple e-mail addresses with semicolons.
  3. Subject: This will automatically be filled in, but you may edit the subject line if you wish.
  4. Message: You have the possibility to add a personal message to the e-mail.

The fields "Sender's E-mail", "Mail to" and "Subject" are mandatory and have to be filled in order to send the e-mail.

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