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Occupation Classification

The World Biographical Information System Online allows you browse an occupation classification to aid you in your biographical search. Each individual occupation term within a biographical entry is allocated to the corresponding occupation classification term and code. This ensures that the linguistically and historically wide range of occupations can be searched by standardized occupation terms.

The occupation classification is independent of the language of each Biographical Archive and allows a cross-search through all Archives for specific standardized occupation terms. Please note that in contrast to the occupation classification the information in the field "occupation" is dependent on the language used in the Biographical Archive and originates from the source work used for a biographical entry (example: German Biographical Archive "Maler", British Biographical Archive "painter", French Biographical Archive "peinteur"). Therefore, to perform a search for all painters of a certain time period, we recommend you to use the occupation classification search. Browse the index for "Painters, Draughtsmen, Graphic Artists (631)", select the term/classification code and add your search for the time period. The results list will then come up with all painters of the specified period independent of the language of the original sources used to compile the biographical entries.

To select occupation classification terms using the Index link, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Index link next to the Occupation Classification text box. A dialog box will appear and display the main level of classification terms.
  2. To expand the main level and show the corresponding classification terms select the "+" (plus) to the left of the main heading. Clicking the "-" (minus) will close the hierarchy level again. The link "Expand all" allows you to view all levels of the hierarchy at the same time. The original status is restored by clicking "Collapse all".
  3. The selection of a classification group is carried out by selecting the checkbox to the left hand side of the term. You have the option of choosing the entire hierarchy, or you may select to expand the hierarchy and choose one of the lower level occupations from the list. Choosing a main category will automatically select all sub-categories in this occupation classification.
  4. When you have finished your selection, click the button "Submit Selections". The occupation classification code which corresponds to your selection will be automatically added to the search box in the Biographical Search. If you have selected more than one classification term, the operator OR will automatically be used to combine the terms.

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