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Previous Searches

The World Biographical Information System Online offers a search history to review previous searches. Search terms are captured when a term is entered and the "Search" button is selected. To view the search history, select the link "Previous Searches" from the functionalities bar.

Each search contains a unique identifier depending on the type of search that was executed (Basic, Biographical, Bibliographic or Microfiche Search). The search that was performed is displayed. Longer search queries are shown in an abbreviated form and can be expanded by clicking the "+" (plus) sign.

By clicking on the link of the unique identifier (BIO1, BAS1, etc) you can re-execute this search. The system will return the results list for this search. Alternatively you can select the link "Revise" to paste the search query into the search form. There you can change and/or combine this query with other search terms.

Additionally, in the search forms for Biographical and Bibliographic Search a search category named "Previous Searches" is provided. By means of the individual identifier of each performed biographical or bibliographic search it is possible to reuse and combine searches.

The list of previous searches is automatically cleared when you leave the application.

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