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Microfiche Search

The Microfiche Search allows you to search for the image of a certain biographical article on a specific digitized microfiche if you know the details of the Archive and the location (= frame) of the image on the microfiche. This search is intended for users familiar with the microfiche details and who already know the location details of the biographical article they are looking for. A subscription to the specific Biographical Archive is necessary in order to view the images.

To perform a Microfiche Search select the Microfiche Search link from any of the pages. A screen will display with the following entry fields:

The Biographical Archives shown in the drop down box for the field "Archive" are dynamically generated by the application and depend on the subscription. Select the required Biographical Archive from the list and insert information into the entry field Microfiche Number (these two fields are required). Next to the entry field you will find an information which microfiche numbers are available for the selected Biographical Archive and in which way they have to be entered into the entry field. If you wish to narrow your search even further, you may supply the frame (page) number as well. Once you click into the entry field for the frame number you will see next to it the information which frame numbers are available and how to enter them.

After selecting "Search" WBIS Online will retrieve all images of biographical articles associated with the selected microfiche, or if you also supplied the frame number, only this image will be retrieved. If you have not supplied the frame number you will receive all images from a certain microfiche. You can navigate through these images by using the next and previous arrows. You may also jump to a specific image by entering the image number into the text box between the two arrows and selecting the "GO" button.

*NOTE: A biographical article you are viewing may spread across microfiches. If this is the case, you may need to search for the next microfiche in order to receive a complete biography.

If no results are found based on your search criteria or your search criteria are too narrow, you will receive the following message: Sorry. There were no documents found that matched your search criteria. Please change your criteria and try again.

All searches conducted from the Microfiche Search form are captured in the list of Previous Searches. For information on using this search history see the chapter Previous Searches.

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